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Fair Use Policy

  1. Description

    The policy sets out the terms under which you (our Customer) may access any of our (Rubitek Solutions Limited) websites and software including our associated services (the Services) under the domain name (our Site).
  2. Scope

    This policy is applicable to all users of the Services and by using the Services, you accept and agree to abide by this fair use policy, which supplement our terms of website use at
  3. Policy Objectives 

    Our Fair Use Policy is that customers should be able to use our Services in an appropriate manner to meet their needs.  A very small number of customers use an excessive amount of resource at peak times, to the extent that it can affect the Service of others.  This Policy will help us to identify the very small number of very heavy users so that we can communicate with these users to try and establish what is driving their specific high usage and how individual usage patterns and habits can be modified to the benefit of all.
  4. Policy Principles

    The majority of our customers will not be impacted by the Fair Use Policy but for those who do, we may apply such techniques to reduce the impact that heavy users of the Services have, to safeguard Fair Use of the Services for others.

    Unacceptable usage is likely to adversely impact less than 0.5% of our customers and includes:

    •    Excessively large media files and file uploads in excess of 50mb
    •    Bandwidth usage in excess of 1GB per day;
    •    Customers who request support more than 10 times per week consistently over a 1-2 month period;
    •    Customers who have more than 80% of their users, utilising the system consistently (adding, deleting or editing data) for more than 12 hours per working day; or
    •    Customers who create large numbers of accounts and / or use email addresses which do not appear to be genuine

    If, in our opinion, you are abusing the Services in any way, such as exceeding the Fair Use Policy, we may ask you to moderate your behaviour, and in extreme cases, we may limit the speed of, or block your access to our Services, or we may disconnect you.
  5. Updates

    This policy is version 1 and was created on 27th July 2018.  Any amendments to this policy will be notified to customers with 30 days’ notice.




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